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--- NavABC JavaMenu ---

NavABC! is an exciting new java applet menu that allows you to easily add amazing fast loading menu
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-- NavABC Java Menu
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19 April 2007

Editor's review

In case you wish to add some jazzy animation or special effects to your website to spruce up things; there is no better software to look at that the NavABC JavaMenu. The software is a web developer’s delight with its inherent capacity to produce high quality and fast loading animations that have a great visual effect.

The software launches with an elegant blue screen that lists various options. To begin with you can choose from the available list what you wish to your website. So if you choose its “minispeak” option, you can go ahead and effortlessly add streaming audio files to your site. Next on you can choose to add 3D Animated Pie charts on to your website. Just place the pie slice values and the corresponding data and your chart is ready within seconds. You can include numerous customizations from changing labels to modifying the color scheme. Now if you wanted to add vertical Java menus on to your site but refrained from doing so, then this is your opportunity. You get to add those strikingly sophisticated menus without writing a single line of code of your own.

If that was not enough to satisfy you then you go on to add crossword games to your site or even choose to add scratch games. In addition to all that have been mentioned the software also allows you to create banners in your own customized manner. Just add the images and set the time delay between images and you are virtually done. You can also go in for sophisticated options according to your choice and more pizzazz to your website.

In a nutshell this Java based utility is one fine addition to the armory every professional web designer. Try using it and I bet you like every moment you spend with it.

Publisher's description

NavABC! is an exciting new java applet menu that allows you to easily add amazing fast loading menu effects to your website, and makes web design easy! When you have more than a few animated GIF menu items, this loads much FASTER than animated GIFs! The full version does not pause for 3 seconds, nor does it list our website in the status bar or while loading. Plus, you can have automatic special loading effects, you specify a background loading color, highlight color, add sound fx, use frames, specify font type, create your own animations with different sizes, plus a small construction kit is included!
--- NavABC JavaMenu ---
--- NavABC JavaMenu ---
Version 83.2
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